3C Advisories


BMW N63 Hot V or BMW S63 Hot V

Audi 3.2L or VW 4.2L

Variable Intake Runner Length

Any Audi or VW Engines with

this Intake Manifold System

These engines will have engine damage if cleaned!

2013-2015 Mercedes Benz

3.0 Liter CD 642.850

and 3.5 Liter CD 276.957

2013-2015 Mercedes Benz

GDI Naturally Aspirated

with Variable intake runner length

These engines are equipped with a

“Variable Dynamic Effect Intake Valve”

These engines have excessive chemical puddling. For additional information call  ATS Chemical

There have been several instances reported of Audi/VW supercharged engines having extremely high engine RPM during induction cleaning. This is due to a fault with the Audi/VW software not closing the throttle plate in these conditions. If aftermarket engine performance software is installed this problem is not present. With the engine being able to hit 6000 RPM to 7000 RPM during cleaning, ATS Chemical does not want these Audi/VW supercharged engines cleaned with the 3C cleaning system.

VW Jetta Sport wagons and Audi S3 wagons must have more than ½ a tank of fuel before cleaning.

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