3C Chemicals

1 purchase includes 4 Treatments. 

4 cans of each chemical A,B,& C.


3C Tri-Chemical DeliveryTM (patent pending)

Our chemicals have been laboratory proven to remove more gasoline-based carbon by weight, from different gasoline carbon types, than any other commercially available induction carbon cleaning chemicals. Our 3C gasoline chemicals are designed specifically for gasoline-based engines. Additionally these chemicals are safe for exhaust system components such as; O2 sensors, catalytic converters, turbochargers, etc.. All of our chemicals have a low HMIS heath rating of (2), thus proving ATS Chemical’s concerns and commitment to our customer’s health. Furthermore none of these chemicals are currently on the California Proposition 65 regulations. ATS Chemical has discovered over 30 new chemicals (patent pending) that have never been used in the automotive induction carbon removing industry, which makes our chemical mixtures totally unique.

3C Chemical AccelerantsTM (patent pending)

The accelerants used in our mixtures ensure that the carbon removed during the induction cleaning process is burned in the combustion chamber. This keeps the removed carbon from redepositing or damaging exhaust components such as turbochargers and exhaust after treatment systems (e.g. Catalytic converters).  Additionally these accelerants help keep the engine running well during the induction cleaning of the engine.

Testing of New GDI Chemistry