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505GDI Carbon Dissolver

This product requires professional disassembly of the engine to use and is not intended for use

by the general public. Removal of the intake manifold from the engine is necessary in order apply

the cleaner to intake port and intake valve areas.

505GDI Carbon DissolverTM  (patent pending)  2 Pack

Finally, a proven spray on product that will remove carbon deposits from Gasoline Direct Injection (GDI) induction systems from the company that brought you the patent pending 505CRF & 505CRO Pour-In Treatments.

Simply remove the intake manifold to gain access to the intake port and the intake valve assembly. Spray the ATS Chemical 505GDI Cleaner directly on the carbon deposits. Let the product soak in for 15 minutes and blow high pressure air into the ports to remove the loosened carbon. Use the included 505GDI brush to remove any remaining carbon. The product will clean out much of the sticky carbon and can either be done alone or prior to walnut shell blasting for even better results making your walnut shells go further.

Includes two bottles of cleaner and brush.

For use by professional mechanics only. 

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