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Bernie C. Thompson (A.A.S. Gasoline and Diesel Technology) has over 40 years of experience in automotive gasoline and diesel repair. Over twenty years of experience in design, engineering, and fabrication of automotive diagnostic equipment. Mr. Thompson holds 27 US and International patents.  Additionally Mr. Thompson writes automotive training curriculum for the automotive industry, is an editorial contributor for Motor Magazine, Motor Age Magazine, and has co-authored an SAE paper. Mr. Thompson teaches advanced automotive diagnostic curriculum and also posts case studies on YouTube. Mr. Thompson also founded Automotive Test Solutions, Inc. with

Mr. Pederson.


Neal R. Pederson (B.S. Engineering Science with Electronics Option, M.S. Electrical Engineering). Mr. Pederson spent the years from 1990 to 1995 developing control systems for the pulsed power industry and has owned and operated VI Control Systems since 1995. VI Control Systems develops computer based custom control and data acquisition systems for high tech companies around the world and for the National Laboratories at Los Alamos, Sandia, and Lawrence Livermore. Control systems developed by Mr. Pederson include computer based controls for high energy lasers, linear particle accelerators, and nuclear reactors. Test systems developed by Mr. Pederson range from rocket engine testers for NASA to automated wafer test systems for the semiconductor industry. Mr. Pederson also founded Automotive Test Solutions, Inc. with Mr. Thompson.


Steven G. Thoma (B.S. Geological Engineering, M.S. Chemical Engineering) has over 30 years of experience in engineered material R&D and analysis, including 20 years as a Technical Staff Member at either Los Alamos or Sandia National Laboratories. Mr. Thoma was an inventor of the first white light emitting solid state lighting device based on quantum dots as well as numerous high energy density systems for rocket propellants, fuel-air explosives, enhanced blast and ballistic penetrating reactive materials for  DOE and DOD applications. Mr. Thoma holds 12 US patents and has authored 14 peer reviewed scientific papers and co-authored an additional 25. Steve continues to actively work on deflagrating and reactive materials for Department of Defense agencies as well as Sandia National Laboratories.​


• Automotive Test Solutions, Inc. (same owners as ATS Chemical)


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