All internal engine videos and stills on this site were taken with the ATS iC Inspection Camera.

iC mouse nest in ac

Mouse Nest in A/C

iC bad exhaust seat

Bad Exhaust Seat

iC intake port

Intake Port

iC d i intake port

D.I. Intake Port

PTEN inovation award 2016

This is the only medical grade fully articulating digital USB borescope on the market!



Kit Contents


The iC - INSPECTION CAMERA is a medical grade video camera that delivers superior images on your Windows computer, tablet, or Android phone display.

Shoots high resolution still pictures and records full length videos at the touch of a button.

Snap Shots can be taken from recorded videos instantly.

One-handed articulation function allows user to turn the probe tip to inspect targets located at sides or at an angle while inside tight spaces.

6.0 mm probe with 120 degree sweep, and 360-degree rotation.

The extra long 3 foot probe cable allows inspection of A/C ducts, evaporator core assemblies and much more.

Comes with an ultra-secure thread on mirror and light for side viewing.

Boost key allows software to run optimal brightness enhancement in very dark environments.

Rotate image in 90 degree increments.

Zoom feature allows 4x crystal clear image enlargement.

Mirror image flip key.

Package Includes: articulating 6.0mm diameter probe with 3 foot long probe cable, Android adapter kit, camera lens cleaning kit, user's manual, and hard carrying bag.

1 year limited warranty.


System Requirements:

Windows based desktop, laptop, or tablet PC with type A USB 2.0 port.

Windows XP through Windows 10 operating systems including Windows 10 tablets.

(Windows RT tablets are not supported)



iC (BOR1000) contents

iC inspection camera
iC software on usb drive

iC - Inspection Camera

Android Adapter Kit

iC Software

on USB Drive

iC thread on mirror
iC cleaning kit
iC carrying case

Thread on Mirror

Cleaning KIt

Carrying Case

2015 volvo v60 cleaning before
2015 volvo v60 cleaning after
2007 mini cooper s cleaning before
2007 mini cooper s cleaning after



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